ICEnet Campaign

ICEnet Campaign Plan


Genevieve Shaffer, Katlyn Simmons, Edward Smith, Maddy Tighe

Strategic Campaigns

Executive Summary

ICEnet is a location-sharing app that offers safety without any unwanted loss of your privacy. Currently, the company is looking to increase its public outreach and bring in more users for its app. Continue reading “ICEnet Campaign”


Dining Hall Campaign

 Executive Summary


The Dining Hall is a primary food source on Shepherd University’s campus. It is one of three locations, and due to it’s ability to stay open seven days a week as well as through inclement weather, the Dining Hall needs to increase its use in order to continue the flow of revenue.  Currently the Dining Hall is looking to increase student traffic, specifically commuters, as they make up most of the student body. Continue reading “Dining Hall Campaign”

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