White Paper

Kraft Original Macaroni and Cheese

Different Recipe, Same Great Taste

Genevieve Shaffer – April 20, 2016


Table of Contents


Section Title Page #

Section 1 Executive Summary 3
Section 2 Position 4
Section 3 Background Information 5
Section 4 Our Reasoning 6
Section 5 No Artificial

Preservatives, flavors, or colors

Section 6 Same Great Taste 8
Section 7 Lifestyle 9
Section 8 Counterarguments and implications 10
Section 9 Conclusion 11
Section 10 Sources 12


Section 1

Executive Summary

This white paper is here in order to discuss the changes we have made to our Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and why those changes had been made. We are creating healthy life styles by eliminating the overly processed parts of our macaroni and cheese. We are meeting these goals by removing the artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Our goals that are summarized throughout this paper are the elimination of artificial flavor colors and preservatives as well as the product remaining the same in terms of taste and finally lifestyle, which has changed with the trends over the past couple of years. Lifestyle is ultimately the reason for the change in our product. Consumers began asking for a healthier product and so we made it happen. We are changing what people consume, just as body image is changing around the world. By creating something that is already well known more healthy, we are making strides towards making America a healthier place. Without consumers there would be no market for our food and our product would drop in sales, therefore by making the consumers happy we are not only creating healthier options of an amazing product but have the capability to do so.

Section 2

Our Position

Recently our company, Kraft, has changed the formula for the Kraft Mac and Cheese. This formula is a healthier solution to the original Kraft Mac and Cheese that we have all grown to love. With society focusing more on health friendly foods that are less processed, Kraft decided it was time for our company to make a change to follow suit. We have created a product that has no artificial preservative, no artificial flavor and no artificial colors. We are advertising that though our product has changed, to become healthier, we still maintain our great taste of the original flavor you love.

“The company’s mac and cheese is now made with paprika, annatto and turmeric instead of artificial dyes yellow 5 and yellow 6. That change has been listed on the box for the past few months, the company said.” (Kim, Susanna. 2016)


Section 3

The Background

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was founded in 1937 and has been made in kitchens everywhere. Kraft as a brand has been around for years and has recently merged with Heinz July 2, 2015 to become the Kraft Heinz Company. Over the years Kraft has been seen as a brand with a large impact and has been loved by many. As social media has become more relevant for businesses, The Kraft Heinz Company has kept up with their ads and communication abilities with their audience. The merger between Kraft and Heinz was a combination of two large company’s bringing many brands together, each brand very successful. Changes have always come about to please the consumers of Kraft Mac and

Cheese, such as fun shaped noodles including, Star Wars shapes, SpongeBob shapes and Ninja Turtle shapes to reach kids and even adults who enjoy eating fun shaped noodles. No as we have grown as a brand and company we have made a healthier recipe for our consumers.!

“The Kraft Heinz Company is the thirdlargest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight

$1 billion+ brands.”(n.a. 2015)


Section 4

Our Reasoning

Our company Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has created a healthier version of the product you love. Eating healthy is a part of a lifestyle and it’s important to start eating healthy young to develop healthy eating habits. Our goal is to encourage healthy eating with our less processed product but the same great taste that way our consumers are still getting the food that they love. Some people were unable to eat our wonderful Mac and Cheese due to an allergy to the food dyes and as we have created a healthier product without those food

dyes more people can enjoy our wonderful food.

1) No artificial flavors, preservatives and colors

2) Same great taste

3) Lifestyle

No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors or Colors

Living a healthier lifestyle means eating healthy foods, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your favorites. By removing the artificial color we have received feedback on our social media sites such as Facebook that people have finally been able to consume our product where before they couldn’t due to allergies. Now that the artificial colors are gone those who have allergies to the various dyes in the original mac and cheese recipe can indulge in our product.

“Last April, Kraft announced it was

removing artificial flavors, dyes and

preservatives from its mac and cheese. The

company said today it has sold 80 million

boxes of the stuff since the new ingredients

were introduced in December.” (Kim,

Susanna. 2016)


Same Great Taste

Our plan when launching our healthier Macaroni and Cheese, we decided not to tell anyone that we had changed the recipe. The idea was that if we came out saying that we had changed the recipe, people would make claims that it tasted different when the taste is still the same. By not releasing the information on the change and seeing that people had not made any complaints it is assumed no one noticed the difference. Therefore, we have begun a campaign to show people that we in fact have made a healthier product and it does taste the same as the original.

“We’ve sold well over 50 million boxes with

essentially no one noticing,” said Greg

Guidotti, vice president for meal solutions at

Kraft Heinz.”(White, C. Martha. 2016)



You can try to turn a blind eye to it but in the past couple of years a health craze has developed. One cannot deny the evidence that our world is changing, from perceptions on body image, to trying to not eat processed foods and because this is the case our company had to make changes to remain relevant in the health crazed world we live in today. On social media sites, such as twitter and Instagram news feeds are filled with workouts and healthy food ideas. Even snapchat has gone on to the health craze with workouts in cosmopolitan being featured through the app. Well it appears that, if this is the trend it makes sense to market ourselves to what trends have emerged. This is exactly what we have done with our new and improved macaroni and cheese. We have followed the trend to increase profits, something which has happened since we released the box labeled no artificial preservatives, flavors and colors.

 Counterarguments and Implications

Some people have been upset by our change in our product. They are upset by experiencing a different taste and acting as though the product is completely different. The health craze has not reached everyone, some people do not want to make any changes to their lifestyles and therefore the change to our product may not be welcomed by those who feel as though it is not important to change what they consume.

Although when we produce a product we must consider the pros and cons in terms of our consumers. In the end our consumers asked for a healthier product so that is exactly what we produced. It is important that we respond to our consumers and strive to create a product that they want because in the end the consumer is what is most important when creating a product and marketing it.



In conclusion, we have created a wonderful product that our consumers can enjoy without the guilt. Parents can feed their kids a family favorite but establish healthy eating habits. Our mission is to remain a well-known American family brand that is moving forward with the latest trends. We will also continue to have a two-way communication with our audience through our various forms of social media to get feedback from our consumers because their happiness is truly important in this business and how we will grow and change in the future.




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